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Description Part No. Brand Qty Sel
DDR4-3200 1Gx16 (16Gb) H5ANAG6NCJR-XNC SK hynix
DDR4-3200 2Gx8 (16Gb) H5ANAG8NCJR-XNC SK hynix
DDR4-3200 1Gx16 (16Gb) K4AAG165WA-BCWE Samsung
DDR4-3200 1Gx16 (16Gb) MT40A1G16KNR-062E:E Micron
DDR4-2666 1Gx16 (16Gb) MT40A1G16KNR-075:E Micron
DDR4-2400 512Mx16 (8Gb) H5AN8G6NAFR-UHC SK hynix
DDR4-2666 512Mx16 (8Gb) H5AN8G6NCJR-VKI SK hynix
DDR4-2666 512Mx16 (8Gb) H5AN8G6NDJR-VKC SK hynix
DDR4-3200 512Mx16 (8Gb) H5AN8G6NDJR-XNC SK hynix
DDR4-2400 1Gx8 (8Gb) H5AN8G8NAFR-UHC SK hynix
DDR4-3200 1Gx8 (8Gb) H5AN8G8NCJR-XNC SK hynix
DDR4-3200 1Gx8 (8Gb) H5AN8G8NDJR-XNC SK hynix
DDR4-2400 1Gx8 (8Gb) K4A8G085WB-BCRC Samsung
DDR4-2666 1Gx8 (8Gb) K4A8G085WC-BCTD Samsung
DDR4-3200 1Gx8 (8Gb) K4A8G085WC-BCWE Samsung
DDR4-2400 512Mx16 (8Gb) K4A8G165WB-BCRC Samsung
DDR4-2400 512Mx16 (8Gb) K4A8G165WC-BCRC Samsung
DDR4-2666 512Mx16 (8Gb) K4A8G165WC-BCTD Samsung
DDR4-2400 512Mx16 (8Gb) MT40A512M16JY-083E:B Micron
DDR4-2400 256Mx16 (4Gb) H5AN4G6NBJR-UHI SK hynix
DDR4-2400 512Mx8 (4Gb) K4A4G085WE-BCRC Samsung
DDR4-2666 256Mx16 (4Gb) K4A4G165WF-BCTD Samsung
DDR4-2400 256Mx16 (4Gb) MT40A256M16GE-083E:B Micron
DDR3-1866 512Mx16 (8Gb) 1.35V MT41K512M16VRN-107 IT:P Micron
DDR3-1600 256Mx16 (4Gb) 1.35V H5TC4G63EFR-PBA SK hynix
DDR3-1866 256Mx16 (4Gb) 1.35V H5TC4G63EFR-RDA SK hynix
DDR3-1866 512Mx8 (4Gb) 1.35V H5TC4G83EFR-RDA SK hynix
DDR3-2133 256Mx16 (4Gb) H5TQ4G63EFR-TEC SK hynix
DDR3-1866 512Mx8 (4Gb) 1.35V K4B4G0846E-BYMA Samsung
DDR3-1866 256Mx16 (4Gb) K4B4G1646E-BCMA Samsung
DDR3-1866 256Mx16 (4Gb) 1.35V K4B4G1646E-BYMA Samsung
DDR3-1866 256Mx16 (4Gb) 1.35V MT41K256M16TW-107 XIT:P Micron
DDR3-1866 256Mx16 (4Gb) 1.35V MT41K256M16TW-107:P Micron
DDR3-1866 256Mx16 (4Gb) 1.35V NT5CC256M16EP-EK Nanya
DDR3-1600 128Mx16 (2Gb) EM6GC16EWXC-12H Etron
DDR3-1600 128Mx16 (2Gb) 1.35V H5TC2G63GFR-PBA SK hynix
DDR3-1866 256Mx8 (2Gb) 1.35V K4B2G0846F-BYMA Samsung
DDR3-2133 128Mx16 (2Gb) K4B2G1646F-BCNB Samsung
DDR3-1866 128Mx16 (2Gb) 1.35V K4B2G1646F-BYMA Samsung
DDR3-1866 128Mx16 (2Gb) 1.35V MT41K128M16JT-107:K Micron
DDR3-1600 128Mx16 (2Gb) Automotive 1.35V MT41K128M16JT-125 AIT:K Micron
DDR3-1600 128Mx16 (2Gb) Ind 1.35V MT41K128M16JT-125 IT:K Micron
DDR3-1600 128Mx16 (2Gb) 1.35V MT41K128M16JT-125:K Micron
DDR3-1600 256Mx8 (2Gb) 1.35V MT41K256M8DA-125 IT:K Micron
DDR3-1600 256Mx8 (2Gb) 1.35V MT41K256M8DA-125:K Micron
DDR3-1866 128Mx16 (2Gb) NT5CB128M16IP-EK Nanya
DDR3-2133 128Mx16 (2Gb) NT5CB128M16JR-FL Nanya
DDR3-2133 64Mx16 (1Gb) K4B1G1646I-BCNB Samsung
DDR3-1866 64Mx16 (1Gb) 1.35V K4B1G1646I-BYMA Samsung
DDR3-1866 64Mx16 (1Gb) 1.35V MT41K64M16TW-107:J Micron
DDR3-1866 64Mx16 (1Gb) NT5CB64M16GP-EK Nanya
DDR2-800 32Mx16 Pb-Free Halogen-Free K4T51163QN-BCE7 Samsung
DDR2-800 256Mx8 MT47H256M8EB-25E:C Micron
DDR2-800 32Mx16 (512Mb) MT47H32M16NF-25E IT:H Micron
LPDDR4-4266 1Gx32 (32Gb) MT53D1024M32D4DT-046 AIT:D Micron
LPDDR4X-3733 (16Gb) 0.6v H9HCNNNBKMMLHR-NME SK hynix
LPDDR4X-4266 x32 (16Gb) K4U6E3S4AA-MGCL Samsung
LPDDR4-3733 256Mx32 (8Gb) K4F8E304HB-MGCJ Samsung
LPDDR4-3733 256Mx32 (8Gb) MT53E256M32D2DS-053 WT:B Micron
LPDDR2-1066 128Mx32 EDB4432BBBJ-1DAAT-F-R Elpida
LPDDR (Mobile DDR)
LPDDR-400 16Mx32 200MHz (512Mb) MT46H16M32LFB5-5 Micron
GDDR6 16Gb/s 256Mx32 (8Gb) K4Z80325BC-HC16 Samsung
GDDR6 14Gb/s 256Mx32 (8Gb) K4Z80325BC-HC14 Samsung
GDDR5 8Gb/s 256Mx32 (8Gb) K4G80325FC-HC25 Samsung
DDR 400
DDR-400 32Mx16 EM6AB160TSE-5G Etron
SD 4Mx32 PC166 MT48LC4M32B2P-6A IT:L Micron
SD 16Mx16 PC166 Pb-Free MT48LC16M16A2P-6A:G Micron
DDR4 3200 SODIMM 260pins
DDR4-3200AA 2Gx72 ECC SODIMM 1Rx8 (16GB) HMAA2GS7CJR8N-XN SK hynix [2Gx8 9C]
DDR4-3200AA 2Gx64 SODIMM 2Rx8 (16GB) M471A2K43EB1-CWE Samsung [1Gx8 16C]
DDR4-3200AA 1Gx64 SODIMM 1Rx8 (8GB) M471A1K43DB1-CWE Samsung [1Gx8 8C]
DDR4-3200AA 1Gx64 SODIMM 1Rx8 (8GB) M471A1K43EB1-CWE Samsung [1Gx8 8C]
DDR4-3200AA 512Mx64 SODIMM 1Rx16 (4GB) M471A5244CB0-CWE Samsung [512Mx16 4C]
DDR4 3200 Module 288pins (PC4-25600)
DDR4-3200AA 4Gx64 UDIMM 2Rx8 (32GB) M378A4G43AB2-CWE Samsung [2Gx8 16C]
DDR4-3200AA 2Gx64 UDIMM 1Rx8 (16GB) M378A2G43AB0-CWE Samsung [2Gx8 8C]
DDR4-3200AA 2Gx64 UDIMM 2Rx8 (16GB) M378A2K43EB1-CWE Samsung [1Gx8 16C]
DDR4-3200AA 1Gx64 UDIMM 1Rx8 (8GB) M378A1K43EB2-CWE Samsung [1Gx8 8C]
DDR4-3200AA 16Gx72 LRDIMM 4DRx4 (128GB) HMABAGL7ABR4N-XN SK hynix [DDP 8Gx4 36C]
DDR4-3200AA 16Gx72 ECC Reg/RDIMM 2S2Rx4 (128GB) M393AAG40M32-CAE Samsung [3DS 2H 8Gx4 36C]
DDR4-3200AA 8Gx72 ECC Reg/RDIMM 2Rx4 (64GB) M393A8G40AB2-CWE Samsung [4Gx4 36C]
DDR4-3200AA 8Gx72 ECC Reg/RDIMM 2Rx4 (64GB) M393A8G40BB4-CWE Samsung [4Gx4 36C]
DDR4-3200AA 4Gx72 ECC Reg/RDIMM 1Rx4 (32GB) M393A4G40AB3-CWE Samsung [4Gx4 18C]
DDR4-3200AA 4Gx72 ECC Reg/RDIMM 2Rx8 (32GB) M393A4G43AB3-CWE Samsung [2Gx8 18C]
DDR4-3200AA 4Gx72 ECC Reg/RDIMM 2Rx4 (32GB) M393A4K40DB2-CWE Samsung [2Gx4 36C]
DDR4-3200AA 4Gx72 ECC Reg/RDIMM 2Rx4 (32GB) M393A4K40DB3-CWE Samsung [2Gx4 36C]
DDR4-3200AA 4Gx72 ECC Reg/RDIMM 2Rx4 (32GB) M393A4K40EB3-CWE Samsung [2Gx4 36C]
DDR4-3200AA 2Gx72 ECC Reg/RDIMM 1Rx4 (16GB) M393A2K40DB3-CWE Samsung [2Gx4 18C]
DDR4-3200AA 2Gx72 ECC Reg/RDIMM 2Rx8 (16GB) M393A2K43BB3-CWE Samsung [1Gx8 18C]
DDR4-3200AA 2Gx72 ECC Reg/RDIMM 2Rx8 (16GB) M393A2K43DB3-CWE Samsung [1Gx8 18C]
DDR4-3200AA 1Gx72 ECC Reg/RDIMM 1Rx8 (8GB) M393A1K43DB2-CWE Samsung [1Gx8 9C]
DDR4 2933 Module 288pins (PC4-23466)
DDR4-2933Y 4Gx72 ECC UDIMM 2Rx8 (32GB) M391A4G43AB1-CVF Samsung [2Gx8 18C]
DDR4-2933Y 2Gx72 ECC UDIMM 2Rx8 (16GB) M391A2K43DB1-CVF Samsung [1Gx8 18C]
DDR4-2933Y 1Gx72 ECC UDIMM 1Rx8 (8GB) M391A1K43DB2-CVF Samsung [1Gx8 9C]
DDR4-2933Y 4Gx64 UDIMM 2Rx8 (32GB) M378A4G43AB2-CVF Samsung [2Gx8 16C]
DDR4-2933Y 16Gx72 LRDIMM 4DRx4 (128GB) HMABAGL7ABR4N-WM SK hynix [DDP 8Gx4 36C]
DDR4-2933Y 16Gx72 ECC Reg/RDIMM 2S2Rx4 (128GB) M393AAG40M3B-CYF Samsung [3DS 2H 8Gx4 36C]
DDR4-2933Y 8Gx72 ECC Reg/RDIMM 2Rx4 (64GB) HMAA8GR7AJR4N-WM SK hynix [4Gx4 36C]
DDR4-2933Y 8Gx72 ECC Reg/RDIMM 2Rx4 (64GB) M393A8G40MB2-CVF Samsung [4Gx4 36C]
DDR4-2933Y 4Gx72 ECC Reg/RDIMM 1Rx4 (32GB) HMAA4GR7AJR4N-WM SK hynix [4Gx4 18C]
DDR4-2933Y 4Gx72 ECC Reg/RDIMM 2Rx4 (32GB) M393A4K40CB2-CVF Samsung [2Gx4 36C]
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